Transformers Father’s Day

Transformers Father’s Day

Transformers Father’s Day T-Shirt. A t-shirt for the dad who loves Transformers .
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From the retailer: Your favorite sentient robots may be as far away as the planet Cybertron, but your favorite person is right there every time you need him. This Father’s Day, show your dad that he is just as special as the Autobots with this exclusive Transformers Daddy You Are t-shirt. This shirt reads Daddy You Are As Smart As Optimus Prime, As Strong As Grimlock, As Fast As Hot Rod, As Brave As Bumblebee, YOU ARE OUR OWN FAVORITE HERO. Let your dad know that he is more than meets the eye with this Transformers t-shirt. Roll out and get your Transformers Daddy You Are t-shirt before Father’s Day is celebrated on June 19th.

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