DJ Spock Star Trek Shirt

DJ Spock Star Trek Shirt

Dj Spock T-shirt. Though he rarely shows any emotion, secretly Spock loves tearing it up on his interstellar turntables. Give some respect for the Vulcan who brings the beats to the U.S.S. Enterprise with this DJ Spock shirt. When Doc wants to rock, he’ll pop to DJ Spock in his drop top with the top dropped.

Djs around the galaxy can appreciate the logic of having someone like Mr. Spock behind the ones and twos. We found this kick ass t-shirt at our fellow Pittsburgh Based T-shirt company 80s Tees. Being a fan of sci-fi and good music I couldn’t help myself, this shirt is awesome. With a retro design featuring the sci-fi icon crowned with a pair of head phones What star Trek fan could resist adding this to their epic collection of Trek tees?

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