Superman Sublimation T-Shirt

Superman Sublimation T-Shirt

Superman Sublimation T-Shirt. This epic shirt features a full print of DC Comics Man of Steel. Sublimation t-shirts are very poular as the entire t-shirt is utilized for print.

More on Sublimation printing and this t-shirt from 80sTees: Tired of the same old t-shirt? This looks like a job for Superman! This sublimation shirt shows the Man Of Steel flexing and posing with the Daily Planet off in the distance. The back of the shirt shows Superman’s unmistakable S logo. Superman is surrounded by the clouds of Earth, his home since he was an infant. Superman is arguably the greatest superhero of all time, and certainly the most famous worldwide. Even imps from the 5th Dimension would love this shirt. Show that you believe a man can fly with this Superman sublimation shirt.

Sublimated t-shirts are printed by placing a sheet of transfer paper over white polyester t-shirts and pressing it down with a heat press. Because t-shirts are not perfectly flat, there will always be some areas that do not get colored, usually around the seams where it is sewn together.

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