welcome to The Tee Warehouse Submission page. Do you have or know of a t-shirt you think we should showcase? Send us the URL or link to where the t-shirt can be purchased as well as at least one high quality image that meets the Image Requirements listed below the submission form. Once reviewed should we decide to include the t-shirt you will be notified via. email with a link to the page showcasing your submission.

Please be aware we do not accept every design submitted.
Submitting the same t-shirt multiple times will cause all of your submission(s) to be discarded.
Do NOT submit designs and t-shirts that are not readily available for online purchase.
Only 1 design submission permitted, per day.
You will only be contacted if your submission is accepted, we receive a large amount of submissions making it difficult to reply that submitted design was rejected.

Send your submission to
-Attach a 500px X 500px minimum hi resolution image of the design.
-Include the artist name, website name, and url where the t-shirt can be viewed and purchased.


  • At least one high quality image of the design must be included, and be a minimum of 500px in width. Allowable file extensions are; *.png, *.jpg, & *.gif
  • Professional Model pictures or high quality pictures of the t-shirt itself will also be accepted  and must be a minimum of 500px wide<em>(An additional image of the design itself must still be submitted and be sized at a min. 190px X 190px square)</em>
  • Unacceptable images include but are not limited to the following: t-shirt with design photoshopped over top, images with watermark (i.e. logo or stamp), unprofessional model pictures.